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Opportunities for Sponsors

If you or your company can sponsor a graduate student or volunteer to help the work of the Pompeii Food and Drink Project, please contact us at sponsorship@Pompeii-Food-and-Drink.org. All sponsors who provide $2500 or more will be acknowledged in our publications and brochures. Significant contributors will be authorized to use the logo of Pompeii-Food-and-Drink on products and/or corporate websites and corporate newsletters.

Why Is This Research Important?

Pompeii will always attract thieves, careless visitors, and maintain its location beneath an active volcano.  But active persons have gathered to engage important research.  And incredible leaders now protect the site and welcome researchers.

In order to preserve the massive amount of Project collected information so that it can be analzyed and made available to others, project principal researchers and staffers with the aid of team members have compiled a huge, comprehensive electronic database the Food and Drink in Ancient Pompeii Codex. The database includes the work of the principal researches who analyze the structural evidence into categories: domestic, commercial, public, religion, cemeteries, structures outside the walls of Pompeii, material objects associated with food and drink in museums, archives, and written collections, and some of the photos from the Wilhelmina and Stanley Jashemski collection of pictures of the scavi in earlier years. Once the PRs agree upon the Category, the structure displays an address, floor plans of numbered rooms and spaces, and features within the structure which can be associated with food and drink. Then staff members guide team members as they record the evidence of the structure. Drawings and measurements of rooms and material objects are captured in drawings, videos, and digital colored photos. We have further plans. We are in an excellent position, with staff and team members from around the world, to check out material objects removed from Pompeii and stored in museum shelves or boxed and put away. We plan to request of Museum officials from around the world short periods of time to analyze and record these material objects from known structures in the ancient city. These food and drink objects will be put back in place via digital photos within the known structure. We find it most wonderful to plan on food and drink objects being restored by photos to their ancient home structures.

More than three million tourists each year have further imperiled the site. And Vesuvius remains an active volcano; earthquakes are not uncommon. The Pompeii Food and Drink Project urgently needs to continue its research before valuable information and artifacts are irretrievably lost. Your generous sponsorship of our nineteenth year of on-site research in Pompeii will enable us to continue our work in 2020.

Ancient Mills and Oven, Pompeii

wall with embedded pots

Wall with embedded pottery

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